Aussie Pies

Are you an Aussie who misses that taste of home? Maybe you spent some time down under and want to recapture that unique taste of a good ol’ Aussie Pie, then this is the place for you

G’Day! My name is Brad and I have lived here in the UK permanently since 2014; if you’re like me and have lived here a while then you will know that its really hard to find a proper pie; no matter how hard you look.

Well look no further, I started to make pies for myself and family just to satisfy that craving and soon found that others wanted that traditional taste of an Australian style pie as well; first it was a few friends but quickly as word spread I seemed to have become inundated with requests from every Aussie or Kiwi in a 50 mile radius; which is saying something as I live in a small village in the Highlands of Scotland

So now I decided to share them with everyone, you can shop online here and choose the pie you like, choose a selection of them and a sausage roll or two as well to share with friends; do this and get a discount, why not let your pommie mates experience the delight of a real Aussie Pie!

All of our handmade pies are based on old family recipes helping bring the taste of a true blue dinky di Aussie style pie to the Great British masses. We are fortunate to live in a part of the Scottish Highlands that allows us to use fresh and locally sourced ingredients; meaning you get the freshest Highland meat and produce with that great Aussie taste – the perfect combination

For those that really miss Australia we also now have a range of Aussie staples for your cupboard; the chockies, bikkies & lollies (sweets for the UK audience) that you know and love plus a few extras as well.

All of this and more can be found in our online shop.


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